CD/DVD to Cloud Conversion?

Here’s an idea I’m sure someone might be working on.

You have tons of consumers who are starting to buy devices with no drives for CDs and DVDs.

They might be holding off like me, however, because they have a hefty DVD collection and don’t want to buy a device that won’t play them.

I think some people would rather pay a small amount of money to have their DVD library converted into a digital form rather than purchasing it all over again.

If a company could sort through the legal headache of figuring what sort of rights buying a DVD grants you to the content on it and come up with the correct process of giving up that license and getting a digital version (Destroying the DVD? Selling the DVD to the vendor at a discounted price and then applying the money saved to the purchase of a brand-new digital license?) they might come up with a way to make it economically worthwhile.

It might even work out to a situation where you trade your entire DVD collection, pick your favorites and then end up with a credit balance or have to make up the difference.

My reasoning is that while SOME folks might have the wherewithal to sell all their old DVDs on eBay or the money to simply repurchase their entire DVD collection, a lot of other folks might be willing to pay to have someone else make the switch for them.

I’m also throwing this idea out there because if someone IS already doing this, I’d be interested in hearing more.


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3 Responses to CD/DVD to Cloud Conversion?

  1. Brian says:

    The licensing for the implementation of the idea is tricky. Long ago tried to do something similar with audio CDs and were promptly sued by the record labels. It led their collapse as an independent venture.

    Netflix might be a good alternative. It has the monthly fee and you can stream a lot of their movies. That way you get to keep your media.

    I’ve tried to just methodically rip them and move them via flash drive to the laptops/netbooks but it’s a lot of work.

  2. Elias Hiebert says:

    The MPAA will do everything in their power to prevent this. Because they are stupid.

  3. Angelika says:

    Great idea! “They” were reading your blog & ripped off your idea! You should sue!

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