Do “Toaster Drives” Exist?

I’m interested in getting a MacBook Air if/when I have the funds to buy a new computer. The only problem is that I have a LOT of things on CD/DVD and the lack of an optical drive makes the move a painful one.

As I was waking up this morning, I had the idea for a thing called a “toaster drive.”

Basically, there’s no interface on the drive itself. You simply eject the tray, put your CD/DVD in, close the tray, and when it’s copied everything it can to its internal hard drive, it ejects it the disc. It also has an “In” USB port that will pull in everything from a thumb drive and make a “ding” sound when it’s done.

The “Toaster” would also have an “Out” USB port. If a thumb drive is plugged into it, it would offload as much content as it could until the thumb drive is full. If a computer is plugged into it, it reacts like any external hard drive would.

The biggest feature of this “Toaster Drive,” for me (if it exists) is that I could spend an afternoon watching TV while loading discs into it over and over again.

It’s basically like one of those fast-copying CD things that will burn things rapidly from a master, except instead of going from CD to CD it’s going from CD to hard drive.

Of course, the bigger issue of this is ownership of the content on DVDs. I’d like to think that if I purchased a DVD I have the right to put that movie into my computer, but I’m guessing that might not be the case.


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One Response to Do “Toaster Drives” Exist?

  1. paulgude says:

    David Pak pointed me to this device:

    It’s not the device I had imagined upon waking up this morning, but it renders it unnecessary. It’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for, only I didn’t know it, being hung up on the idea that it needed to be one device that would take the information off of the disc and store it in order to sync it to the MacBook Air.

    The idea of a portable CD/DVD drive just didn’t spring to mind for some reason, which is kind of silly as I used to have one way back when.

    Of course, I can’t afford a MacBook Air at all, but it’s nice to know that the option is out there.

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