Paradox Meta Explained

Paradox Meta is an idea I have based on one specific principal:

TV Shows and Movies like The Prisoner, Lost, The Matrix, Inception, etc. all trade on the characters dealing with fundamental questions of reality. In the end, the “payoff” is either underwhelming or incomprehensible, because it is (in the end) fiction. Any secrets gleaned about the nature of reality can be written off as a fictional construct.

Therefore, the ULTIMATE expression of this genre would be a television show where at the end it is realized THE SHOW ITSELF NEVER EXISTED.

Therefore, I created The Paradox Meta Wiki a place where people’s entirely fictional experience with this non-existent show can be recorded.

I’ve pre-populated it with a few ideas and will continue to do so, but I think for real success it needs to be a community effort. I dream of fan art, cosplay, fan fiction. I really feel that fandom can sustain a project past its cancellation, whether it actually existed or not.

And who knows, if it gets REALLY popular, there may even be a reboot of the old show. I expect the studios will want it to actually exist if it’s done, but in my opinion it’d be a mistake.

Still, that’s Hollywood for you.


About paulgude

Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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