The Inception Video Game That Should Exist

I’ve tried to get involved in the video game industry as a writer for a while, but weirdly a complete lack of experience writing for video games is holding me back. Regardless, I’ll share my vision of what I think an Inception video game would be like.

Basic game-play is third-person, similar controls to uncharted. You control a different character every level.

It should be noted that this game description assumes:

1) They’re going to try to leverage the original story.
2) You’ve seen Inception.



You play as Ariadne. Cut opening cut scene is the cafe. You fail (no choice, it’s a cut scene) and wake up. You get put under again.

In control of your character, you now wander around the city. Cobb teaches you how to use your dream building ability. Not limitless, like in the film, you can select and affect objects that are “transformable,” much like the Lego Star Wars games. You learn how to change something and then wait for a “cooldown” effect to keep the projections from getting to you. You also learn the basic controls for evading and attacking. Ariadne can’t kill projections, only perform weak attacks and evade. While “cooldown” does take some of the heat off of you, eventually the changes you make add up and the projections attack you regardless. Ariadne is eventually killed when the tutorial is finished and wakes up.

Interstitial One:

You play as Cobb, flying to Mombasa. You have to evade Cobol and meet up with Yusuf.

Tutorial Two:

Dream within a dream. Yusuf, explains to Arthur and Eames how this new compound works, takes them through the mechanics of a dream within a dream. You play first as Arthur, as you and Eames get to a new PASIV device in a dream. Once there, Arthur hooks Eames up to a PASIV device and defends him from projections until the timer runs out. If successful, you switch to Eames, in the dream inside the dream. You learn how to impersonate people.

Here’s the fun part. Anything that you did as Arthur inside the dream affects Eames. If he tips over, the world tips over. The soundtrack for Eames is the soundtrack to Arthur, slowed down appropriately. Players can listen to the soundtrack for cues to when the actions will bleed over.

If Eames gets killed, he wakes up at the appropriate spot in the Arthur mission. You play as Arthur again, and attempt to get him back into the PASIV device. If Eames completes his mission, you wake up at the spot when the timer goes off and play as Arthur and complete the mission.

Now the tutorial phase of the game is done, you play through the levels:

Level One: You play as Yusuf, up until the van crash.
Level Two: You play as Arthur, up until the elevator drop.
Level Three: You play as Eames, up until the hospital explosion.
Level Four: You play as Ariadne, up until she drops from the building.

Limbo: You play as Cobb. It’s now a free-roam game. You can use all of the skills you’ve learned. To quit the level, you must go and find Saito. You both wake up on the airplane.

Then, you’re treated to a cut scene where Cobb is reunited with his children. The top spins as the credits for the game roll.

If you let the credits run out and press a series of buttons, the top keeps spinning and you can free-roam Los Angeles. If you don’t press the buttons, it just fades to black.

If they want to remove the game from the movie, the mechanics will be the same, but the ultimate mission is different.


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