Capital and hoe Temple and oh are ERTYP I NG?

So I’m wondering if eventually there will not be any more typing. Space because I am right now dictating this into my phone. I visited the space thing isn’t working. Trying again the space thing is working. Actually it looks like the space thing isn’t needed because the spaces are put in right after that. Sort of automatically. Also I can’t figure out how to make

I said the Eiffel words ”

” And it made

. This is funny because I was trying to figure out how to make it

Man that didn’t work at all. I’m trying to figure out how to say this thing that will make a paragraph happen on a new basis without actually saying the words that will actually make the paragraph change to a new one.

Okay that work.

Of course I mean okay that work. I’m trying to get this to say worked like I work at work today but is just saying work without making it past tense.

It looks like I have to say work dad and really emphasize it making them to really really really really pronounced.

So I figured out how to make a new paragraph and I’m trying out to see if when I put a pause between the word “new” in the word quote paragraph” if it will actually say new paragraph instead of making just a simple new paragraph.

Well that seems reworking okay. So this is fun and I might’ve made a few mistakes here but I think you can see that dictating probably will eventually maybe be able to be used.

That last part of course wasn’t a mistake that the dictation software made it was a mistake that I made with grammar. But maybe we can blame the software in the future anyway.

Thank you for bearing with me this new glorious future. I am not going to go back and edit anything that I Brookemere. I have not use the keyboard all. This is what the future might look like. Of course. Once. I didn’t mean to put a period there.

Of course in the future people may not read anyway.

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