You Bowl Gimbal Shuffle

It’s another voice recognition post.

I’m getting a lot better at this. All it takes is a little perseverance and the ability to talk slowly and sort of what you’re doing. Delete last space sentence.

Okay I spoke too soon. Still, let’s talk about TV shows.

Now let’s just say that we’re talking about G game of T bro. Come on. Seriously? Game of thrones.

‘s boiler alerts all capitals


One more time. SPOILER alerts.

What a main character dies, I’m not even going to say which one, there is a little bit of a shuffling of the show. And when the shuffling happens, people could get upset. Why? Because everyone likes things the way they are.

That’s not say the change is not embraced by everyone. It is so proper of for example things can change a lot. However in the soap opera things also change very slowly.

Parentheses sorry voice recognition is sometimes hard and parentheses

You got to be kidding me.

Regardless of how you feel about changes in the soap opera you don’t notice the changes are happening because you’re given time to ingest. The problem people have with dramas that have very very very crazy changes happen quickly, is that people don’t have time to a Jott’s. Obviously that was supposed to be a Jost. I just. Address. I just. Spell a DJUST I just a DJ USC. Gerber you guys know the word I’m trying to say right? Gerber? Growl.

If you stuck with it this far the basic thing is this: riders have a chance to do something incredible when you take a favorite character of play.

Trying again: writers have a chance to do something incredible when you take a favorite character out of play.

if you can trust the riders a major shakeup in the cast is always a great thing. the writer’s trust the Rangers. Shucks, trust the riders to I suppose.

I am not worried about game of thrones or any other show getting rid of a character people love.

I am definitely not worried about voice recognition software taking the place of typing.

Oh sure you do that one perfectly half?

I’m never satisfied with you.

Not you, dear reader. I’m talking to the voice recognition software.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll get to a keyboard sometime soon.


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  1. These voice recognition software posts are killing me. I love them. And yes, I’m excited about GOT next season (of course, I already know what happens in the books, and I’m very excited to see all that, too). At first, the non-POV nature of the show bugged me, since the books are all told from the point of view of the characters, but now I’m learning more about the stories than previously.

    Don’t get a keyboard.

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