Top Ten Things I Remember About Yesterday

I had planned to do a Year-End list, and still might. However, I’m running into a mental block. So, in the interest of baby steps, here are the top ten things I remember about yesterday:

10) I only got through half of Unit 2 of Pimsler’s Basic Hindi on my walk home.

9) An odd sense of awe that I didn’t need my gloves in the afternoon, even though I needed them in the morning.

8) The realization that the way to get myself to eat vegetables and salad is to not allow myself to eat anything else, and the further realization that this technique cannot be applied to everyone, as it would be cruel and unusual.

7) A mixture of sadness and relief when I exhausted the supply of “Dark Shadows” on Netflix.

6) Happiness that I taught my daughter to put her gloves in her pockets.

5) A teacher slowly closing the lid that goes over the piano keys while my daughter was playing them at a potluck.

4) I laughed out loud reading “That Is All” on the bus, twice. I can’t remember which part.

3) My daughter was interested in the character descriptions of Finn Family Moomintroll, but not the book, and I actually wondered if it was because it was the second in the series.

2) I was struck by the callback genius of Hodgman’s POFH. I didn’t laugh out loud. It went beyond laughter.

1) I ate a Brussels sprout and couldn’t remember if I had one before.

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