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The Past and Patience

If you are prone to obsession regarding past mistakes, the following exercise may be helpful: Imagine your life is a video game, or if you do not have enough experience with them for that frame of reference, a play in … Continue reading

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Step Two: Personal Internet Schedule

Now that I’ve gotten rid of my smart phone, the next step is to manage my online time.  Quitting cold turkey was nice, but I also ran into the problem of staring at Facebook over my wife’s shoulder to see … Continue reading

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A Children’s TV Observation

Because of my daughter, I watch much more children’s programming than I normally would. I’ve noted that several programs seem primed for interactive television. Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Club house come to mind as prime examples. In their … Continue reading

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Vegan Chocolate Microcake

This is chocolate cake. It looks like chocolate cake. It tastes like chocolate cake. The fact that it is vegan and was made in the microwave has absolutely no bearing on the fact that it is chocolate cake. Everyone should … Continue reading

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The Invisibles Omnibus

Just a note that now would be a great time to pick up The Invisibles Omnibus. It’s almost half price and December 2012 is just a few steps away. Group hug in the van. -Paul

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Entertainment Weekly

If you are wondering, I have it on good authority that there is a picture of me in Entertainment Weekly. However, to me this pales in comparison to the fact that EW has posted a clip of me talking about … Continue reading

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