An Apology to Lost

Hi, Lost.

You were a great show. I loved watching you every week. Then you ended and I was mad.

Really, really mad.

I recently got a chance to watch you again on Netflix, and I realized something.

I shouldn’t have been mad at you.

Thanks to Netflix, I was able to watch you without commercials, without much interruption. Instead of waiting somewhere between a whole week or even months for a new episode, I was able to watch your whole story a couple of weeks.

Instead of having time to come up with my own ending for you, I knew the ending you were heading towards. I knew it from the beginning.

And it worked.

I know it won’t work for everyone. I don’t expect to get much agreement from folks. Heck, if you would present this to me in 2010 I would swear it was a forgery.

Still, speaking for myself, I don’t think you failed, Lost. I think you suffered from your first method of presentation: An hour’s worth of TV entertainment impaled by commercials show each week, spanning years.

You were clearly meant to be a movie that could be shown as a four-day marathon, which a viewer can take in at their convenience.

I love you again.


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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  1. John Hughes says:

    Oh hey you monkeyface! I watch you with all-seeing-eye in backs my head, jerkface! I am put suckerfish in the pillow under the head of your mind when sleeping!!! What you going say then, uh? You can’t say much with mouthfuls of screams can you! Not hardly!

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