Getting Ready for the Absence of a Storm

I always try to sleep through New Year’s Eve.

I point this out to explain my total indecision on what to do when Tuesday gets here. On Tuesday, my book When Elephant Met Giraffe will be available in stores. I’ve had a few vanity projects before, one-off collections of things and dubious literary experiments, but this is big. Huge. 

Granted, it may be disappointing if you run out and try to find it right on that day. I spoke to one bookseller who mentioned that even if a book is released on a certain day, it may take a bit more time for what they ordered to get on the shelf. 

So I want to wait a bit. I want a few weeks for the book to get out there before I’m excited. I want it to establish itself as a thing people like.

Okay, to be honest, I want to run into every bookstore I can find and high-five everyone.

I just won’t.

At least not right away.

That said, I will be doing a five minute book launch at Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle this Friday. 

That’s right. Five minutes, in the middle of a late-night cabaret. There will be more later.

I promise.

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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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