Looks Like I Have a Dang Website

I have been staying away from most social media for a while and I am very much enjoying it.

That said, the dangerous honeypot that is Twitter continually tempts me. In order to make my experience a bit more palatable, I reduced who I followed to people that follow me and locked my account. In addition, I updated my profile. In the midst of doing that, I found out that WordPress had put ads on my site.

Bad ads.

The type of ads I hate.

I know that I have fallen completely into their trap. When I went to delete my site in anger, I saw that I could get rid of the ads for an annual $36 payment. I was still going to delete my site in anger, but then I thought of all the content I have, and started looking at past things I had written on here.

My pride whispered to me, “Isn’t it worth it?”

My ego added, “Think of those two people in South Korea who visited your site yesterday! Won’t they be disappointed if they return to discover that your site is gone?”

So, now I have a website again.

This website.

I might even update it.

Who knows?


About paulgude

Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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