Important Change to Thwapstack Levels and Example of Play

The term “Indoor” for the second style of play for Thwapstack was always a bit contentious. The electrical tape Thwapball is hard, and definitely able to break a window or a knickknack if wielded by an enthusiastic player. Therefore, the new styles of play are:

  1. Outdoor/Gymnasium
  2. Basement/Garage
  3. Indoor/Seated

Obviously, it can be argued that a basement or garage can be considered indoors, but the main thrust is that it is meant to be an enclosed area with more space than a kitchen or living room but not as large as a gymnasium.

With this new style of play demarcation in mind, I present an round of indoor Thwapstack:

I’d really love to see YOU play a game!

As always, thanks for reading!


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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