About (FAQ)

Who are you?
I’m an actor/musician/writer/cartoonist who lives in Seattle.

How do you pronounce Gude?
It rhymes with booty.

Your book is great!
Technically that’s not a question, but do go on.

Is all of your work safe for children?
Nothing is safe for children. That being said, I try to label things as best as I can.

So I shouldn’t read your self-published zombie sex novel to my children?
No one should read my self-published zombie sex novel.

Do people really frequently ask these questions?
Most of them.

Why did you get rid of you popular Twitter account?
I was trying to stop being on the Internet so much.

Why did you keep your other Twitter account?
I like Twitter too much to leave.

What’s the difference between your old twitter account and the current one?
Less swearing, 10% of the former’s follower count.

Will you remember to update that last question if your current account gets more followers?
Probably not.

What are some of your favorite quotes?
I have a bunch.

“[Paul Gude] really turned it around and took the high road.” – Ben Acker

“I’ll take it.” – Ben Blacker

“If humor was a planet and we were all cars on the surface, Paul Gude would be a helicopter or maybe a rocket ship.” – John Moe

“I’m proud of you.” – Paul F. Tompkins*

“I will be your torturer.” – John Hodgman**

“. . .an angel-winged guy who flies down through a hole in the ceiling (he also, excruciatingly, plays a banjo)” – The Stranger

“Gude delivers sleepy monologues on topics ranging from eggplants to guns in schools. Whether backed by electronic musical snippets or performing in a near-empty cyber cafe, he displays a geologic sense of pacing.” –Listen.com

“I smell Paul Gude everywhere.” – Singer/Songwriter Sonya Walker

“Don’t be a daddy! Be a kitty now!” – Betty George Gude-Pratt

“…brilliant, mega-handsome…” – Tyler Vazquez

*This was on Twitter in response to my announcement that I had beat my 3-year-old daughter at guessing Twilight Zone episodes based on his descriptions, but IT STILL COUNTS!

**Again, on Twitter. This time in response to my suggestion that HBO cast him as The Tickler in Game of Thrones. Sad it didn’t happen.

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